• Letter from Small Business Action Committee Chair

    Letter from Small Business Action Committee Chair

    I hope 2021 has brought you much success and that you are looking forward to next year’s possibilities and challenges!

    I am writing to provide an update on APACC’s newly formed Small Business Action Committee (SBAC) and to request your assistance. The SBAC was formed to bring forth greater resources and education to Michigan’s Asian small business community. General Motors has provided APACC with a grant that absorbs the cost of APACC membership to Asian small businesses; thus, right now we must seize the opportunity for APACC to serve small businesses by increasing their knowledge, teaching them skills, and educating them on industry trends.

    Over the past few months, I, along with 6 other SBAC members, have brainstormed on how to effectively reach and meet the needs of these small businesses. We have acknowledged several existing challenges in gaining awareness of APACC’s value. Such challenges include effectively reaching owners who may not leverage social media or technology as a means of communication, clearly understanding existing small business educational needs and wants, and identifying which days are most appealing to launch educational sessions.

    We have decided that by leveraging resources, such as partner organizations and APACC members, we can maximize our success in reaching small businesses.  

    • We are looking for APACC members who currently serve Asian small businesses and are interested in partnering with APACC to help spread the news of our educational programs, as well as help educate us on how you are currently connecting with your small business clients.
    • Additionally, as we continue to develop programming, we invite you to contact our committee if you are willing to conduct a webinar as a subject matter expert.
    If you can help in either capacity, please complete this very short survey so that we can contact you and leverage your support. Click HERE to complete the survey.

    Thank you for your support of the Asian small business community! It is because of our banded strength that we can successfully execute our plans and provide ongoing benefits to the entire APACC community.

    Sincerely yours,
    Laura Van Houtte
    SBAC Chair
    (810) 305 - 0845
    Complete Survey HERE

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