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  • On behalf of my team at Pro:Up, I want to express my deep gratitude for your role in supporting my participation in the Tuck School of Business's Growing A High-Performing Minority Business course.

    The class was truly a phenomenal experience. Not only was it inspiring being surrounded by such accomplished minority and women business owners, the critical insights and frameworks I learned from my professors have changed the way I view and will approach my businesses' growth. From a better understanding of how to align my financial strategy with my businesses' growth strategy to implementing systems to monitor our key success metrics to crafting a compelling leadership narrative, I have gained a great number of actionable insights that will profoundly impact my strategy moving forward.

    Thank you so much to GM's Supplier Diversity Program and to the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce for providing me with the opportunity to participate in this program, and thank you to my distinguished professors and excellent program coordinators for making this an incredibly meaningful learning experience.

    Justine Sheu, CEO and Co-Founder, Pro:Up (May 2016)


    WF Whelan Co has been a member of APACC for several years and through this association we have made numerous business connections. Through the efforts of Van and Sarah, these connections were the results of our participation in APACC sponsored events involving face to face meetings with prospective customers. We have found these events to be helpful and they have contributed to our overall business development.

    Most recently, during CY2014/2015 we were referred by APACC to several companies requiring import transportation and brokerage. These references resulted in our success in obtaining this business and adding to the expansion of our import business unit. We’re confident these references will continue and we will enjoy additional business as a result.

    Hopefully our association will result in more opportunities like these going forward. In every instance, APACC have proved to be efficient, reliable and professional and we look forward to continuing our relationship within the Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce.

    Dan Falzon/Tim Donovan, International Business Development, WF Whelan Company (October 2015)


    Having been a member of many different organizations over the years, APACC has been the most engaging, friendly, responsive group of all!  Grand Aire is proud to be a member of APACC!  Every informational request that we have made to APACC has been well received with a quick response.  The events are always informative and lively, and with the variety of member companies, it always makes for great networking and a fantastic time.  Grand Aire encourages you to participate!

    Katrina Cheema, Grand Aire, Inc.


    Another great venue by APACC that included international businesses, agencies and service providers networking together to form business alliances and to generate new ideas. Great time, thank-you.

    James Linton, W.F. Whelan Company (2012 East-West Business Connections Survey)


    I have been attending the B2B sessions since 2005 and this format has been the best for zeroing in on the best potential business connections.

    Paul Pavelich, VP Business Development, KC Integrated Services (2012 East-West Business Connections Survey)


    The APACC event proved to be valuable to our company as it allowed us to meet several prospects and existing customers in an informal atmosphere. The speakers were excellent, and the "Meet the Buyers" showcase was well orchestrated.  

    Jerry Czernel, VP Operations, AIM Computer Solutions (2012 East-West Business Connections Survey)


    APACC events are well organized and attended and offer great value for the time and money expended. At the East-West Business Connection I was able to meet with current customers and business associates, reconnect with a few former contacts and was introduced to a host to new opportunities. Well done! 

    Tina M. Nowak, Sales Executive, Grand Aire, Inc.


    Rob Edward, PROFIL

    Rob Edwards, Technical Advisor and Business Development, PROFIL System, Inc. 


    Joe Licavoli, Ramsoft Systems

    Joe Licavoli, Senior Director, Ramsoft Systems, Inc.


    The APACC team works very hard all year long to provide opportunities to the people they serve. The annual power mixer is a very good way for companies to meet dozens of potential suppliers and customers in one evening.

    Tom Cameron, Saturn Electronics & Engineering, Inc. (2011 Power Mixer B2B Survey)


    This is the first time that I was invited to the attend the APACC event. The reception I received was very warm and the staff was knowledgable. The resource guide that you provided with the spreadsheet of the participants is a wonderful tool to assist me with follow up after the event. I look forward to building a greater relationship with APACC and Henry Ford Health System.

    Sylvia L. Daniels, CPSD, CPM, Supplier Diversity Coordinator Supply Chain Management Department, Henry Ford Health System

    (2011 Power Mixer B2B Survey)


    The APACC B2B Networking Event was focused and a great opportunity for companies to meet with vendors looking to do business with them. The Resource Guide also provided contact information for both the vendors and the companies looking to provide their specialty service or product.

    Mabel Flowers, Supplemental Insurance Group (2011 Power Mixer B2B Survey)


    As a representative of the WFWhelan Co I found the event to be useful in establishing our "brand".. Although this event was focused on MBE/WBE companies there was still sufficient value for us.

    Tim Donovan, WFWhelan Co.


    We have had a satisfactory response from contacts made that night. New doors are opening for SCTools and we were able to talk face to face with key people that will be buying from us in the near future.

    Valentina Febres, SCTools


    I thoroughly enjoyed the Power Mixer event and found it extremely benficial. I was able to meet and mingle with prospects I would not normally encounter in such a favorable environment. I look forward to attending this and similar APACC events in the future.

    Kurt Cuncannan, Vice President, Bay Logistics


    UHY has been a member of APACC for the past several years.  We have found the whole organization, including member companies, to be enthusiastic, energetic, integrated into the business community, industry aware and very successful at adding value to every event attended.  Many trade and support organizations “Talk”... APACC “Does”.

    Alan Lund, Consulting Principal, UHY Advisors MI, Inc.


    We have been a member of APACC for several years and it has been a pleasure to work with Denise and her team. They are a professionally run organization that caters very well to the members’ needs. 

    Over the years our business development team has benefited from networking opportunities and introductions through APACC. They have been very responsive to our requests. They have an active board that promotes partnering with utmost sincerity to help its members. We were introduced to one of the Tier-1 suppliers by a board member of APACC which resulted in HTC being recognized as a Preferred Partner for a Fortune 1000 firm.

    APACC business events are well thought of and are relevant to the different needs of their member community. They are forthright in managing members’ expectations and very pleasant to work with. We wish them continued success in their efforts.

    Madhava Reddy, President & CEO, HTC Global Services, Inc.


    Jan Huang of Merrill Lynch and Nancy Brownrigg of Brownrigg Companies, Ltd. met through their APACC affliation in 2009.  As a result of the friendship forged by APACC, they have been working together to save money for their mutual clients by improving investment portfolios and reviewing commercial insurance premiums.  In one case, they saved a client more than $140,000.

    Jan Huang, Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor, International Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

    Nancy Brownrigg, CEO, Brownrigg Companies, Ltd. 


    Being the APACC web provider and event volunteer since 2005, I received various networking opportunities with APACC Board, staff and members.  This has furthered my business growth and relationship building.  Key benefits I enjoyed the most are web development referrals from APACC, membership database access-where I can announce business promotional products-and business guidance from a few of the APACC board who have become my friends.  It is good to receive APA related business and community news via the APACC e-Newsletters.  I appreciate the opportunity of being part of APACC.  I cannot ask for more!

    Cheng Murray-Khoo, President, e-Waves, Inc.


    Stan Patterson, Vice President of Operations at ATCO Industries, felt that his APACC membership helped solidify the contracts with Nissan and KOTRA by being awarded a three year contract in May 2009 with Nissan North America to supply Quality Control services to both of their U.S. assembly plants located in Smyrna, TN and Canton, MS.

    Stan Patterson, Vice President of Operations, ATCO Industries


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