• Turning Hiring Challenges into Business Upgrade Opportunity

    Turning Hiring Challenges into Business Upgrade Opportunity

    With low employment rates and global talent shortage issues, businesses find it difficult to recruit workers, which won’t get easier. Hiring and retaining talent, part-time or full-time, will only get more expensive. For small businesses to stay afloat, it’s time to embrace the hiring challenges and turn the situation into an opportunity.
    As major corporations are shifting in their digital transformation strategies, it’s also a great opportunity for small business owners to take advantage of technology and automation to replace manual tasks required by workers and increase productivity in the business.
    You can upgrade your business by ensuring seamless integration of business systems. You can start integrating all the busy processes into one system that you can see in one area.
    For example:

    • Hair salon customers can use an automatic calendar booking system and pay for their service in advance through an integration of a calendar system and a payment gateway.
    • A restaurant can have a digital menu, automatic ordering, and a payment system similar to what McDonald's has in some stores. You can reduce service staff and cashier duties. In addition, all the payments are recorded automatically so it’s easier when you manage bookkeeping activities.
    • Use a commercial robot cleaner to help clean your factory or office floor.
    • Use a chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions so you don’t need to be on the phone answering simple questions. 
    There are many ways that business owners can take advantage of technology to be more productive.
    In July, the Small Business Action Committee will have a guest speaker, for our Small Business Webinar Series, who will equip us with IT resources to grow your business.
    Share with us in the comments on resources that you need so we can support you and your business.

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