• How it started vs. How it's going

    How it started vs. How it's going

    In 1997, during my Junior year in college, I was the Vice President of the Asian American Professional Network (AAPN), a student organization at Wayne State University. Pictured here, in the red, I was going over AAPN semi-formal agenda as my friends prepared for award presentations. During my time with AAPN, I learned the power of networks, fundraised, organized my first event, and found where I belong.

    Growing up in the suburbs of the Midwest, I always struggled to find where I fit in. I grew up in a school district that touted diversity, with the Asian student body made up predominately of my own siblings. When I went to Wayne State University, I found AAPN. This feeling of "AAHHH" came over me. As if the clouds had parted and the sun shined down to spotlight a small group of college kids gathered in the Student Center. I had found it. This is where I belong.

    Today, I lead the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (APACC). At APACC, I work hard to create an environment of inclusivity for those who are seeking to find where they belong. The feeling of "AAHHH". I want to let you know that you belong here.

    The above picture is of the top sponsors of APACC's 22nd Annual Gala, board members, public and government dignitaries, and me. Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and thank you for kicking off the celebrations with us at APACC!

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