• The Michigan Opportunity: A Podcast

    Through dynamic discussion, The Michigan Opportunity markets the state and promotes Michigan as a world-class business location. The podcast serves as a forward-thinking voice for Michigan as a conduit to global trends and applications in the new global economy.

    Few of the recent podcasts:

    Ep. 7 - Birgit Klohs, former CEO of The Right Place
    Former President and CEO Birgit Klohs worked at The Right Place, Inc. for over 33 years, with great success. During her conversation with us she discusses how she navigated the organization by collaborating with state and local leaders and business executives to create more than $5 billion in economic investment in the region and generate more than 50,000 jobs. 
    Under her tenure at the helm, she assisted the city of Grand Rapids become the beacon of business activity and high quality of life that it encompasses today. Her legacy impacted the creation of the bio-medical, scientific research, and growth of premier healthcare in the region and is coupled with a growth in higher education through out West Michigan. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.

    Ep.6 - Trevor Pawl of The Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification
    Chief Mobility Officer for the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification Trevor Pawl, takes on a whirlwind path of how fast the world is changing especially in the areas of mobility, electrification and connectivity.  Pay attention because a lot of ground is covered from 5G, drones, wearables, autonomous & electric vehicles, TEDX, propulsion, global competition and many other topics.  What is the story behind this intricate title and the commission and its catch basin responsibility?  Also, a little dip into smart infrastructure and workforce opportunities. Make sure you catch this “mobility” wave. You can also read the transcript from our conversation.

    Ep.5 - Keona Cowan of Invest Detroit
    The Michigan Opportunity had the pleasure of having a passionate discussion with Keona Cowans, Executive Vice President for Invest Detroit. Invest Detroit is a mission-driven lender, investor, and partner that supports business and real estate projects that will assist economic growth in Detroit and the region.  Invest Detroit’s mission is to work for all Detroiters for an improved quality of life – inclusive housing, resourceful and walkable neighborhoods, and to provide equitable opportunities for jobs and business growth. 
    Ms. Cowans walks us down the many avenues of how the city weathered COVID-19 challenges, as well as the organizations many partners and stakeholders, the challenges of underserved communities and many other topics. You can also read the transcription from our conversation.

    To listen to the podcasts, please click here.

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