• Oakland Community College's (OCC) Statement concerning increased violence toward Asian Americans

    Dear Colleagues, 

    OCC recognizes and condemns all acts of violence and hateful rhetoric directed to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community. We are mindful that this racism has been further heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by nearly 150% in the past year and may have contributed to the tragic killing of eight people in Atlanta this week.

    To our Asian-American and Pacific Islander students, employees and community members, and those impacted by the rising racial intolerance: we see your pain, and we stand with you.

    As a community college enriched by a diverse group of students, employees and community members, OCC does not tolerate violence or discrimination of any kind. Our commitment is to provide each of our students and employees with a safe space to learn and achieve their goals; this is only possible when we speak out against that which directly threatens our core values.

    If you or someone you know is made to feel unsafe or you have witnessed a related incident, please refer to OCC’s My Safety webpage, a safe place to understand the many resources available and report concerns. You can also download the OCC Safe app (through the App Store or Google Play) for immediate access to emergency and safety information.

    We are committed to ensuring that we foster an environment that is inclusive and empathetic to the inherit differences that exist among the college community. We urge each of you to listen to, learn from and support one another to uphold diversity, equity and inclusion in all of its forms.

    Peter Provenzano, Jr.

    Andre’ Poplar
    Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

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