• New Michigan State Police policy addressing immigration issues applauded by Office of Global Michigan

    Dear Global Michigan Partner,

    Last week, the Michigan State Police (MSP) updated their policy on Arrests, Extradition, and Prisoners, to better support immigrant rights. The Office of Global Michigan (OGM) applauds these changes, which come as a result of ongoing conversations between the MSP, OGM and immigrant rights groups.

    This updated policy is a tremendous step in extending protections and building bridges between troopers and immigrant communities. These policy points will ensure that all Michiganders will be given fair and equal treatment that is not biased by immigration status.

    Changes to the policy include:

    • A prohibition on stopping, interrogating, searching, detaining or arresting based on an immigration administrative warrant or detainer.
    • A prohibition on detaining individuals for immigration violations, except for criminal immigration cases.
    • A prohibition on prolonging a traffic stop for the sole purpose of determining immigration status.
    • A prohibition on requiring proof of immigration status, citizenship or place of birth unless necessary as part of a criminal investigation.
    • Requirement that translation services be provided by MSP resources; federal immigration agencies will only be used in emergency situations where no department assets are available.
    • Resources for officers to verify foreign-issued identification documents without involving federal immigration officials.

    Director Col. Joe Gasper and the men and women of the Michigan State Police are committed to the equitable treatment of all persons and to providing service and enforcing the law in a professional, just and nondiscriminatory manner. Longstanding department policies prohibit members from stopping or detaining anyone based solely on their race, ethnicity or possible immigration status, and this new policy further cements those protections.

    OGM continues to work with our colleagues and state partners to ensure we are building a more welcoming Michigan, and this is critical to accomplishing that goal. You can read more details about the policy on the MSP Transparency and Accountability website.

    Fayrouz Saad, director
    Office of Global Michigan

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