• MichBusiness Virtual Team Bonding Resource Guide

    MichBusiness has always been a platform for dialog, education and employee engagement tools. This guide was created to help executive leadership and organizations with virtual team bonding activities for employees to help amplify a healthy and uplifting culture through these unprecedented times.

    Internal Best Practices and Policies

    • 25/45 Meetings
    Let meeting times to either be 25 minutes or 45 minutes depending on the importance of the conversation.
    • CEO Q&A Coffee Hour
    During uncertain times, many employees find themselves having burning questions that they are not comfortable asking directly. Host a monthly coffee hour with the whole team and the CEO of your company. A week before the team meeting, have your employees submit their questions for the CEO anonymously. During the Coffee Hour the CEO can read and answer the anonymous questions to hopefully make some employees feel at ease.
    • Choose Your Own Return Date
    All employees feel differently about working at home or in an office. Especially now during the pandemic, if you plan on bringing your work force back in the office, allow employees to choose their own return to the office date depending on their fears and comfort.
    • EAP Services
    Ensure that your team members are well informed on the offers your organization provides through the EAP services.
    • Giftboxes
    If your budget allows, send your team gift boxes or gift cards to make their home offices more comfortable 

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    Virtual Team Activities
    • 5 Things in Common
    Set up a conference call with everyone that wants to participate in this getting to know one another game. As the host, pair up people that work in different departments or that work on different teams. Each team will have 15 minutes to chat in a break out room and find five things in common that they share outside of work. After the time is up, bring everyone back in the main room and let team members share what they’ve learned. If your teams are small, you can split off in different teams repeatedly.
    • Baby Photo – Guessing Game
    Have employees submit their baby photos to one point person. At the end of the year share all the baby photos via email or your social channel and ask employees to guess who each baby is. Reveal the answers at the end of the day.
    • Bingo
    There are many ways you can play bingo during meetings, virtual conferences, and throughout the week. We suggest using the link below for company wide meetings. With this free and online bingo game, all players are able to have different bingo sheets once the meetings start. If you are using a meeting platform that has a chat box included, let employees type in BINGO if they win: https://www.lifesize.com/bingo/play.html
    • Book Club
    Invite your team members to start an internal book club. You can rotate on which team member picks the book each time. Once the book is chosen, give everyone a week to order it and then set dates to meet and discuss chapters of the book. We suggest you meet once or twice a month and ask each other questions on different topics shared in the book. 

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    Wellness Activities
    • Dance party
    If you have a dancer in the group, ask them to host a virtual dance party. You can either have everyone do the shuffle on camera or let them dance on their own to the same music.
    • Meditations
    There are many apps and YouTube videos on meditation sessions ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Have team members join you in a meeting room and set a meditation session for everyone to breathe and relax together. Cameras can be off if employees feel more comfortable laying down.
    • Social Distanced Hike
    If you live by a park and team members are comfortable getting out of the house, have them join you for a social distanced hike. Walk together but maintain six feet.
    • Therapy Sessions
    If your budget allows, hire a therapist for a lunch and learn to provide tips and tricks on how to de-stress, relax, and unplug.
    • Virtual Workouts
    If you have a fitness person on the team, ask them to host weekly virtual workouts. The sessions can be held for 15-30 minutes and we suggest starting at an easy difficulty. Find out what equipment attendees have so you can build the workouts, but start with body weight workouts initially. Cameras should also not be required for employees’ comfort levels. You can also screen share workouts on YouTube or use www.fitonapp.com, a complimentary workout video library.

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    To access the complete resource guide, please click here.

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