• Embedded Software Architect

    Posted: 03/24/2019

    The Embedded Software Architect role involves the following:

    • Design and develop software architecture for Propulsion System functions
    • Establish Software Architecture Guidelines for Application and BSW layer SW development
    • Implement RTE configurations and generate RTE files
    • Develop SW Variant management strategy for engine, transmission, electrification and Hybrid projects
    • Prototype latest AUTOSAR concepts and deploy concepts to Powertrain projects
    • Review Implementation of Controls Simulink Model algorithms
    • Review high level Implementation of BSW Modules and CDD SW components
    • Responsible for multi-core runnable/function portioning
    • Participate in AUTOSAR Consortium work groups, AUTOSAR Global conferences
    • Prepare SW component ARXML files using standard AUTOSAR tools (dSPACE SystemDesk, Davinci Developer etc.)
    • Support troubleshooting of issues in deploying AUTOSAR software stacks and FCA-defined software components
    • Establish and maintain a working knowledge of AUTOSAR standards
    • Work with internal, Tier 1 and Tier 2 software engineers to consistently deploy FCA’s Powertrain Software Architecture Strategy across Powertrain engine, transmission, hybrid and electrification projects
    • Support FCA and Tier 1 engineers with training and general support
    • Develop Guidelines for efficient SW Implementation
    • Participate in AUTOSAR tools supplier evaluations
    • Support Legacy and next generation projects Controller resources optimizations
    • Support SW debugging issues

    Basic Qualifications:
    • Bachelors of Electrical, Computer, or Software Engineering, or equivalent experience
    • Minimum 6 years of embedded software development
    • Minimum 5 years of experience with AUTOSAR architecture, concepts, specifications, tools, and production implementation (design, development, and test)
    • Understanding of AUTOSAR software constructs and their implementation
    • Experience using AUTOSAR Application layer Software Development
    • Experience with dSPACE SystemDesk, Matlab/Simulink, Lauterbach debuggers
    • Understanding of software/hardware design and their failure modes
    • Understanding of engineering theory and operation principles of mechanical/electrical mechanisms
    • High level of analytical ability where problems are unusual and difficult
    • Knowledge of computer software as it pertains to engineering
    • High level of interpersonal communication skills (written and oral).
    • Able to work independently with a high degree of initiative
    • Knowledge of Communication protocols, OBD/UDS protocols testing using CANALYSER, CANOE, standard diagnostic tools

    Preferred Qualifications:
    • Masters of Electrical, Computer, or Software Engineering
    • 6 years of automotive experience
    • Knowledge and experience with serial data communication protocols
    • Experience with UDS/OBD Protocols
    • Experience with EEPROM, FEE memory concepts
    • Experience using AUTOSAR software configuration tools to generate Basic Software (e.g. Vector DaVinci, Mentor VSA, EB Tresos etc.)
    • In-depth knowledge of requirements engineering process (FMEA, Preliminary Hazard analysis)
    • DFSS training
    • Knowledge of vehicle electrical systems
    • Knowledge and experience with serial data test tools and oscilloscopes

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