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    Posted: 05/27/2021

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    Job Description

    The Scheduling Team Leader:

    • Is a critical role and will be responsible to supervise non-exempt employees scheduling electric long cycle construction and maintenance work, long cycle customer commitments, long cycle work center forecasting, Distribution & Customer Operations (DCO) long cycle daily/weekly schedules.
    • Must have the ability to perform effectively and efficiently on organizational and enterprise-wide projects and initiatives with minimal guidance.
    • Must have proven leadership ability and interpersonal skills, along with a strong desire to be part of a team.
    • Must have strong communication, analytical, diagnostic, facilitation and computer skills.
    • Must also be flexible, have demonstrated strong administrative skills and able to set priorities in a changing environment.

    Job Description/Responsibilities
    The Scheduling Team Leader:
    • Is responsible for the development and optimization of work plans/schedules using complex work management systems through processes (forecasting, planning, scheduling, acquisition of revenue, installations and maintenance of electric lines and services), and the achievement of DCO performance and financial targets.
    • Collaborates with Principal Team Leaders, Managers and Executive Managers, along with various departments including Energy Operations, Customer Energy Management, Electric Asset Management, and Work Process & Business Management.
    • Is accountable for leadership and management of non-exempt employees who in turn, schedule workloads for union employees.
    • Provides guidance and development for all employees in his/her span of control to build engagement and meet key company goals.

    Notable responsibilities include:
    • Ensure Compliance with all Electric Code and MPSC requirements.
    • Schedule long cycle construction and maintenance for Electric Distribution.
    • Resource major maintenance programs.
    • Oversee the management of long cycle work centers to make the customer commitment Breakthrough Goals.
    • Support DCO budget process - Capital programs (Electric) and Maintenance programs (Electric).
    • Coordinate statewide on call for movement of field/office resources for normal day and storm support.
    • Create DCO schedules that align both internal and external field resources.
    • Track and report out daily/weekly schedule adherence.
    • Create line of sight around company strategy while managing DCO daily/weekly schedules, customer emergencies and resource plans.
    • Interface with senior management for key performance objectives related to Business Operating Plan.
    • Succession Planning and Employee Development.

    Required Qualifications
    • 5 or more years of applicable experience.
    • A Bachelor's degree in the applicable field of study. Less than a Bachelor's degree may be acceptable if accompanied by extensive experience in positions that demonstrate required abilities and performance.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

    Preferred Qualifications
    • Experience in planning, project management, scheduling, business analysis, work management or storm support.
    • Experience managing a team and/or managing a large project.
    • Experience working in a utility (e.g., natural gas, electricity).

    Essential Functions
    • Support the planning/scheduling functions for the distribution maintenance and construction areas of the Company.
    • Duties and who this individual reports to will fluctuate between projects, departments, and offices.
    • Plans and prepares schedules for arrival of materials and equipment, installation, and repair of gas and electric distribution systems: Draws up master schedule to establish sequence and lead time of each phase to meet client forecasted master schedule.
    • Updates management of schedule status.
    • Analyzes designs and construction data and performs mathematical calculations to determine material, tools, and human resource requirements for the schedule.
    • Plans and schedules workflow for each required skill set and operation according to previously established sequences and lead times.
    • Plans sequence of material, assembly, installation, and other operations for guidance of construction workers.
    • Confers with Company management to determine status of projects.
    • Expedites operations that delay schedules and alters schedules to meet unforeseen conditions.
    • Prepares project reports.
    • And many more.

    Field Planner/Schedulers in Gas C&S also have Field Leader responsibilities:
    • Responds to complaints and requests for information; prepares and maintains reports of completed job orders and the status of jobs in progress.
    • Inspects job sites to check on work progress, assures satisfactory completion and plans new assignments; prepares requisitions for operations and maintenance supplies, equipment, and materials and supervises special projects as required, participates as a member of safety committee; investigates and completes necessary incident reports and accident reports; maintains records, prepares, and submits required reports for appropriate agencies.
    • For vacation coverage and on-call assignments, may lead and direct field workers.

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