• Pharmacy Intern I - Grand Rapids, MI

    Posted: 06/29/2021

    Apply Here for Grand Rapids

    Job Description

    The Meijer Pharmacy Intern Program has been designed to develop pharmacy interns into future Meijer pharmacy leaders. Interns must demonstrate friendly, remarkable customer service. Through operational excellence, interns should strive to enhance the overall patient experience and health. Interns will be assigned to pharmacy site(s) and work designated hour requirements. They will learn the skills necessary for success in community pharmacy practice at Meijer. As an intern progresses academically, responsibilities and expectations will advance within patient care, clinical services, and leadership competencies. Engagement in the Meijer Pharmacy Intern Program, clinical pharmacy services, leadership, administrative and operations projects, and knowledge of and contribution to attaining quarterly goals, are strongly considered when intern candidates apply for pharmacist positions.

    What You'll be Doing:

    • Develop professional and leadership competencies expected of a future pharmacist.
    • Assist customers with any and all needs as they arise in the pharmacy while developing and maintaining positive relationships with patients, team members, and leadership.
    • Maintain Meijer pharmacy, state and federal legal requirements for this position. Includes but not limited to:
    • Compliance to legal functions a pharmacy intern may perform in state of practice.
    • Maintain an active educational license on file with their store administrator at all times.
    • Renew license on time each year display at base store.
    • Maintain a complete clinical documentation file with hard copy documents stored on site as per Clinical Services Documentation and Filing procedures and maintain active CPR licensure documentation with the store administrator as required by participation in clinical services.
    • Compliance with all assigned training.
    • Complete specific training plans each applicable professional year and first year with Meijer. These training plans include basic pharmacy skills as well as build upon the academic and experiential skills appropriate for the intern's academic and experiential standing.
    • Collaborate with preceptor to ensure development. Interns will be assigned a pharmacist preceptor who will monitor development and serve as a mentor.
    • Complete quarterly conversations with preceptor. At each quarterly conversation training plan(s) will be reviewed to ensure the intern is meeting expectations and is demonstrating continued professional development of their competencies.
    • Compile an electronic portfolio containing a showcase of successful completion of training plan requirements and accomplishments achieved throughout internship at Meijer. This portfolio will be reviewed during quarterly conversations and interviews for Meijer Pharmacist positions.
    • Participate in (after applicable training) Meijer Pharmacy immunization, medication therapy management, health screening and all other current clinical programs.
    • Maintain minimum required availability for the program of 16-32 hours per month year-round as needed based on professional development and market needs. Invest as much time as needed in learning experience to ensure professional development. Note, additional hours may be requested, but are not guaranteed, collaborate with TL, IC, and PDM when necessary.

    What You Bring with You (Qualifications):
    • Enrolled in an accredited pharmacy school.
    • Hold pharmacy intern license (state specific).
    • Immunization training certificate (as soon as available and applicable to professional standing in school).
    • Flexible in availability and ability to assist as needs arise.
    • Timeliness and dependability to complete requirements and scheduled shifts.
    • Drive to stay current and competent in all pharmacy-related functions.
    • Excellent customer service skills.
    • Empathy.
    • Professional appearance and behavior.
    • Self-motivated and diligent.
    • Committed to team goals.

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