• Area Manager

    Posted: 11/14/2019

    Key Responsibilities/Deliverables:
    Responsible for the safe, efficient and successful operation of the assigned shift in a particular Business Unit which includes managing the labor, productivity, maintenance and engineering to meet or exceed customer production requirements and plant deliverables.  Success in this role also requires effective communication with other supporting department personnel (ex. Materials, HR, Environmental, Health & Safety, Engineering, Quality, Program Management and DOS) and working within the terms of the union agreement.
    Key Responsibilities/Deliverables:

    • Assist the BU Operations Manager in all aspects of running the business unit as needed and fill in during his/her absence.
    • Assist the BU Operations Manager with the determination of the (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual) goals and objectives for the BU direct reports.
    • Provide direct reports with the tools, coaching, training and mentoring needed to accomplish goals and objectives.  Remove roadblocks to ensure success.
    • Hold all employees in the BU accountable for doing their job in a safe and efficient manner.  This includes the ability to delegate responsibilities effectively, drive team-based problem solving activities while leading and motivating a diverse group of subordinates.
    • Analyze all BU Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to identify areas for top focus and continuous improvements.
    • Closely monitor production, labor, quality, scrap, throughput, efficiencies, etc… and address issues with the team and supporting personnel as they occur. 
    • Closely monitor equipment uptime/efficiencies and ensure preventative maintenance is completed as scheduled.
    • Work closely with the BU Operations Manager on the Open Issues list to develop action plans, champions, timelines and drive closure to improve overall BU efficiencies.
    • Elevate issues to the BU Operations Manager according to procedure and protocol.
    • Report BU KPI as required.
    • Attend and/or conduct daily shift, BU or plant meetings.
    • Ensure the Supervisors follow standard shift to shift handoff protocols.
    • Provide an environment and culture where safety is the most important manufacturing consideration.  All decisions are based first upon our employee’s safety.
    • Lead problem solving activities utilizing 8D methodologies with the team.
    • Instill and sustain a culture where 5S is way of life that the entire BU shares in.
    • Provide an environment supportive of team-based problem solving that facilitates and fosters communication throughout the operation.
    • Ensures that company policies, procedures and goals are adhered to.  Also ensure that all actions taken are within the guidelines of the union agreement.  Ensure that all Supervisors are treating their employees fairly and consistently.  Take corrective action when appropriate to ensure compliance.
    • Work closely with supporting department activities (Human Resources, Production Control, Maintenance, Quality and Engineering) to ensure operational throughput and customer satisfaction.
    • Assure training and tools are identified and provided, as needed, throughout the operations organization.
    • Study production schedules, review performance and customer releases to determine changes in operations schedules as required.
    • Develop a strong team with employees cross trained to cover for absenteeism, vacations and turnover without any loss in efficiencies.
    • Ensure that the Dana Operating System (DOS) and established quality system is implemented and maintained per the requirements.
    • Ensure all IATF requirements are met for the BU.
    • Drive compliance with all Dana Performance Management, Talent Management and Engagement Management requirements.
    • Perform all other duties as assigned.
    Experience, Skills And/OR Abilities Required/Preferred:
    • Automotive manufacturing experience is preferred.
    • Strong leadership abilities with a positive attitude and enthusiasm to overcome challenges are required.
    • Experience as a Manager or Supervisor responsible for 25 or more employees is preferred.
    • Effective teambuilding and decision making skills are required.
    • Effective professional communication and people skills are required.
    • Excellent time management, organizational and planning skills are required.
    • Ability to work under pressure while maintaining focus to deliver expected results is required.
    • Ability to motivate and drive new ideas is required.
    • Lean manufacturing skills are preferred.
    • Project management skills are preferred.
    • Mechanical ability and aptitude is especially helpful.
    • Data analysis and computer skills are required.
    • Good working knowledge of IATF or TS-16949 audits and requirements is preferred.
    • Union experience is preferred, but, not required.

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