• EDM Operator (1st Shift) - Traverse City, MI

    Posted: 05/04/2021

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    Job Description

    To understand, operate, set-up, service and adjust EDM machines(conventional and wire) in the production of various forms of tooling using all safety equipment or controls provided for the job or machinery.

    Sharpen form electrodes with grinders. Work closely with blueprints. Inspect tooling for defects both visually and with instruments. Maintain a clean, safe and efficient work station. Ensure all safety guards are in place and report any defective guards to supervisor. Report any questionable operation, unsafe condition, or inadequate maintenance to supervisor. Assist in training of new EDM department associates.

    Job Requirements

    • High school diploma or GED required.
    • Knowledge of advanced shop math including geometry and trigonometry.
    • Basic skills in oral and written communication.
    • Must be able to pass skills test.
    • Understand and employ EDM technology.
    • Pre and final machine preparations.
    • Regrinding and sharpening electrodes.
    • Making new tooling.
    • Basic knowledge of die build.
    • Completing paperwork relating to assigning work done to a particular "job".
    • Cleaning machinery and work area while maintaining a safe work environment.
    • Ability to analyze part drawings and proposed tooling and visualize the tool and determine if it will meet the needs of the job and recommend changes where required.
    • Ability to check tool drawings for errors in dimensions, fits, and clearances, and communicate issues to the supervisor.
    • Ability to plan, layout, and determine manufacturing methods and sequence of operations best suited to make tooling to design specifications.
    • Ability to use advanced shop math including geometry and trigonometry to verify dimensions and make intricate calculations.
    • Ability to devise methods of holding, locating, and machining work of unusual shape, eccentric contours, and compound angles.
    • Ability to work from rough sketches and/or general instructions, improvise temporary tooling.
    • Ability to analyze problems concerned with tooling made to specifications but which fails to meet production requirements and recommend changes or alterations.
    • Ability to perform data-entry operations and have a basic working understanding of the computer.
    • Machines, tools, equipment, and work aids which may be representative but not all inclusive, of those commonly associated with this type of work: Surface grinders, cutoff saw, pedestal grinder, optical comparator, precision measuring tools, layout tools, hand tools.
    • Position involves independent judgment in the evaluation of tooling, tool and print changes, and manufacturing methods.
    • Additional training may be required.
    • Comply with all Environment, Health, and Safety {EH&S}rules and procedures.
    • Perform other duties as required by supervisor

    EDM Operator Evaluations
    • EDM Operator trainee evaluation will be made on a weekly basis. Training will follow the training plan.
    • There is a 60-day qualification period.

    Working Conditions
    Degree of Physical Demands (Strength) usually associated with this classification:
    • Moderate work: Exerting up to 70 pounds of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Involves walking, standing, kneeling, crouching and stooping on a frequent basis.
    • Environmental conditions (Physical Surroundings) usually associated with this classification:
      • The associate is subject to environmental conditions common to a plant environment, including cramped conditions between presses and enclosures. Some exposure to loud noise and oil.
    • Environmental conditions (Hazards) usually associated with this classified:
      • Hazards include exposure to sharp tooling, sharp material edges, moving machinery, cutting fluid, and oil.

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