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    Posted: 02/07/2021

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    Job Summary

    Under direction, represents the office of the Water Resources Commissioner and non-County drainage districts in complex civil suits and acts as legal counsel. Also manages outside legal counsel as needed. Is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering risk and insurance coverage for the Water Resources Commissioner’s and drainage district’s construction, maintenance and operation activities. May develop communications and strategies with County Water Resources Commissioner communities to determine risk exposure and appropriate levels of insurance coverage. Monitors related risk management and safety program responsibilities. Reviews municipal water, sewer, and sewage treatment system operation, maintenance, and construction contracts for appropriate language. Prepares legal documents for contracted water, sewer, and sewage treatment services and other interjurisdictional contracts as needed. Performs legal research and trial preparation work. Renders legal counsel on such matters as contract terms, right of way agreement and easements, ordinances, resolutions and all other legal documents affecting the office of the Water Resources Commissioner and drainage districts. Ensures the completeness and accuracy of legal documents to which the County is party. Administers the investigation of claims, analyzes causes, identifies high-risk incidents, and initiates systems to prevent future loss. Coordinates claim settlements. Performs and oversees related office functions such as claims processing, maintenance of policy documents, financial projections, and other reports.
    Under limited direction, may develop, manage, and advocate environmental and sustainability policy initiatives and programs at the local and county levels, and in coordination with the state and federal government initiatives when appropriate. May work closely with city and township governmental units to develop and manage water affordability initiatives, green infrastructure and sustainability planning and regional collaboration. May manage and implement green infrastructure policy initiatives. Assist with drafting and development of stormwater standards and all other environmental legal matters particularly when the State of Michigan and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy or the Environmental Protection Agency are involved. May advocate in Lansing for legislative issues concerning the office of the Water Resources Commissioner and regional partners. Tracks and advocates legislative matters involving the Drain Code and other bills that could impact the office. Collaborates and act as liaison with Oakland County community leaders, Oakland County administration, and Board of Commissioners on environmental policy and legal matters. Utilizes current Countywide and/or department specific software to complete assignments.
    Generally represents the office of the Water Resources Commissioner on any other matters as assigned. 

    Minimum Qualifications

    Applications will be rejected if the following information is not provided at the time of application:

    • Thoroughly documented work history
    • The application is incomplete in ANY capacity

    1.  Be a member in good standing of the State Bar of Michigan.

    2.  Have had at least four (4) years of full-time work experience in the general practice of law.

    3.  Pass the complete examination, including the employment medical, established for this classification.

    4.  Successfully complete the six month probationary period.

    Work History
    You are required to include your work experience in the Work Experience Section of your NEOGOV application. If you have previously included work history on a resume you must transfer your work history into the Work Experience Section prior to applying. Attached resumes will not be reviewed or considered. Please review the job posting, specifically the purpose of the position and the minimum qualifications, prior to answering the work experience question; and note that only related work experience will be considered. NOTE: Provide full detail in the employment history section noting the skills, experience and hours worked per week pertaining to the minimum qualifications. 


    Special Requirements

    1.  Must remain in good standing with the State Bar of Michigan.

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