• Mechanical Journeyperson (Pipefitter) - Flint Metal Center, MI

    Posted: 05/10/2023


    General Motors has a need for qualified Mechanical Journeypersons (i.e. pipefitters, millwrights, toolmakers, and machine repairman.) You will work under minimal supervision with a high level of independent judgement and problem solving. You should be flexible enough to take on and tackle multiple job assignments in a shift.

    Preferred Experience Includes:

    • Experience with planned maintenance systems and predictive technologies
    • Experience with industrial robotics, automation, and conveyance systems

    Primary Responsibilities:
    • Follow established safety procedures according to OSHA standards and company procedures
    • Maintain, dismantle, repair, and replace mechanical and hydraulic components (e. g. bearings, seals, details, carriers, etc.) on industrial machinery such as shafting, motors, generators, air compressors, engines, pumps, cylinders, gears, couplings, linkages, ball screws, high speed CNC spindles, coolant systems and filters, and combustion equipment and valves
    • Layout, assemble, fabricate, maintain, and repair piping systems
    • Use various hand or power tools for measuring, cutting, threading, grooving, bending, soldering, assembling, joining, and installing pipes, valves, and fittings
    • Read and interpret blueprints for the mechanical operation and assembly of conveyor systems, material handling systems, robots, and other automation
    • Operate mobile equipment (e.g. forklifts, vertical lifts, cranes)
    • Determine loading requirements to rig equipment and material for lifting
    • Set up and operate conventional or computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders to cut, bore, grind, or otherwise shape parts to prescribed dimensions and finishes
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