• POLICE OFFICER (Certified/Certifiable 23-02)

    Posted: 10/16/2022

    Apply Here 
    Closing Date is January 24, 2023

    Nature of Work
    Please note that this job posting is for those who are currently Certified Police Officers or those who will graduate from a Police Academy by May 2023.

    Patrol: The purpose of this job is to provide police services to the general public and patrol city streets to provide protection of its citizens. Enforces city ordinances and state laws.  Offers professional police presence where needed and requested.  Interviews complaints, suspects, and witnesses to criminal activity. Testifies in criminal, civil, or administrative court cases when required.
    Community Policing: The purpose of this job is to serve and protect life and property of those within the city limits of Grand Rapids.  Enforces laws and ordinances.  Works with citizens to address problems and improves police and community relations.
    Tactical: The purpose of this job is to perform tactical operations throughout the city.  Responsible for Patrol Officer duties in any capacity needed or requested throughout the City, which includes special events, foot, bike, uniformed or plainclothes and Segway patrols.


    Minimum Training and Experience
    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Must have a valid driver's license and be able to obtain a Michigan Driver's license by date of hire.
    • Must have a high school diploma or GED.
    • US citizenship
    • Some experience involves communicating with people under varying circumstances.
    • Candidates for positions in this class are required to meet initial employment requirements as established by the Civil Service Board.
    • Must take and receive a passing score on the Grand Rapids Civil Service Exam for Police Officers.


    Other Necessary Qualifications


    Must take and receive a passing score on the Grand Rapids Civil Service Exam for Police Officers.  
    Meet all State of Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, as found HERE.

    OUT-OF-STATE CERTIFIED OFFICERS: Please contact the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) at (517)322-1417 to determine your eligibility and available dates for the Recognition of Prior Training and Experience Program (RPTE). (Link to RPTE website)

    (All dates and times are approximate and may change)
    Qualified candidates will be invited to a date on which the below sequential steps will be offered. Each step must be successfully passed to move on to the next.
    Dates:  November 3, November 30, 2022, & January 4, February 1, 2023 
    1. Entrance Exam (8AM):
    • National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (cognitive/integrity)
    • Study guides are available at GR Public Libraries or for purchase (New Study Guide Link)
    2. Oral Exam (10AM-12PM): A structured interview proctored by a panel of Human Resources and Police personnel
    3. Interview (1-5PM) Facilitated by Police Chief
    4. Personal History Statement: Informational meeting on background process


    Other Information


    **Please note that this job posting is for those who are currently Certified Police Officers or are enrolled in a Police Academy and will be certified by May 2023**
    Significant Dates:
    Must be Eligible for MCOLES by the Date of Hire
    Recruit Class Orientation Begins May 15, 2023
     Recruit Class Oath of Office July 6, 2023

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