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    Posted: 01/14/2021

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    Job Summary

    Under limited supervision, is responsible for enforcing the state laws outlined in the Marine Safety (P.A. 451) and P.W.C. (P.A. 116) and Snowmobile Safety (P.A. 74) Acts.  Responds to citizen complaints concerning violations of these acts and to reports of larcenies, trespassing, property damage, and boating and snowmobile accidents.  Instructs or makes arrangements for the instruction of snowmobile safety, boating safety, O.R.V. safety, and hunters safety classes.  Attend parades and special events using Marine Safety equipment.  Responds to life threatening or emergency situations on or in Oakland County lakes, ponds, and rivers. Utilizes current Countywide and/or department specific software to complete assignments.

    Minimum Qualifications

    Applications will be rejected if the following information is not provided at the time of application: 

    • Thoroughly documented work history
    • Valid Driver's License number
    • The application is incomplete in ANY capacity
    1.  Be a high school graduate or have a certificate of successful completion of the General Education Development (G.E.D.) Test.

    2.  Have not been convicted of a violation of criminal law including domestic violence.  (Criminal law generally includes all offenses except traffic law, conservation law and liquor law.  Generally, conviction for a violation of criminal law is automatically disqualifying).

    3.  Possess a valid United States motor vehicle operator’s or chauffeur’s license. Out of country driver’s license holders will be required to obtain the appropriate valid State of Michigan driver’s license before the hire date. 

    4.  Have at least 20/20 corrected vision in each eye, normal color vision and depth perception in both eyes.

    5.  Have normal corrected hearing in each ear. In the case where applicant is eligible to be licensed must pass per Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES).

    NOTE: Marine Deputies assigned exclusively to diving duties are not required to have normal corrected hearing in each ear..

    6.  Pass the complete examination, including the employment physical required for this classification.

    Work History
    You are required to include your work experience in the Work Experience Section of your NEOGOV
    application. If you have previously included work history on a resume you must transfer your work history into the Work Experience Section prior to applying. Attached resumes will not be reviewed or considered. Please review the job posting, specifically the purpose of the position and the minimum qualifications, prior to answering the work experience question; and note that only related work experience will be considered. NOTE: Provide full detail in the employment history section noting the skills, experience and hours worked per week pertaining to the minimum qualifications.


    Special Requirements


    1.  Must maintain a valid United States motor vehicle operator's or chauffeur's license and firearms qualification.

    2.  A field investigation will be conducted covering an evaluation of employment, school, home, credit, criminal, military, or other personal records. Any conviction or convictions for moving traffic violations, accidents, non-moving traffic violations, or violations of other laws will be reviewed by the Sheriff Department before an applicant can be appointed. Information obtained during the background investigation will be considered in the hiring decision. Convictions of the Domestic Violence Statute will be a disqualifying factor.

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