• Departmental Specialist 13 - State Refugee Health Coordinator - Lansing, MI

    Posted: 01/22/2021

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    2/8/2021 5:00 PM Eastern

    Job Description
    The State Refugee Health Coordinator position will report to and work in close collaboration with the State Refugee Coordinator (SRC) to coordinate refugee health-related activities with the primary goal of ensuring that all refugees resettling in Michigan receive a comprehensive health assessment and care upon arrival into the US, as well as ensure ongoing refugee health wellbeing, and public health safety. The Refugee Health Coordinator (RHC) position will advocate for culturally competent care delivery, quality assurance measures, and will link refugee health and mental health concerns with the mission of other programs within LEO, MDHHS, and the State of Michigan. This will include routine data management using the CDC Electronic Disease Notification (EDN) system and Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS), and data analysis for specific reports required or useful to MDHHS or LEO.
    The position will develop programmatic objectives, activities, and evaluation measures related to the establishment and maintenance of Michigan’s Refugee Health Program. The RHC must be active at the international, national, state, and local levels in identifying and addressing current health issues and identifying trends among existing and nontraditional refugee groups. The RHC position is a federally mandated role and requires an understanding of public health administration and policies, as well as some epidemiologic background. The position will need to coordinate closely with MDHHS Bureau of Population Health and will interact with other state, federal and community programs as such. This position as State Refugee Health Coordinator is essential in the interpretation of federally mandated Refugee Health Screening Guidelines and their implementation within the screening clinics as well as compliance after the implementation. The position will also require strong leadership, innovative capabilities, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills (through long- and short-term strategies).

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