• Operating Engineer - Detroit, MI

    Posted: 09/21/2022


    Job Summary

    This position is responsible for operating, monitoring, and performing routine maintenance, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, on all equipment located within a chilled water plant. Engineers will operate and maintain chillers and associated equipment, including heat exchangers, chilled water pumps, condensing water pumps, HVAC units, and perform all other associated work as directed. Work is performed under direct supervision with results reviewed through the achievement of set goals and adherence to policies, procedures, and industry best practices.

    Proudly represented by Local 324 Operating Engineers.

    Key Accountabilities

    • Identify unsafe acts or conditions; eliminate/mitigate hazards immediately where possible and notify affected personnel and supervisor.
    • Safely operate plant equipment to meet the day to day demands of the customer’s facility.
    • Record and analyze plant operational data and operation of facility systems to maximize equipment efficiency and reliability.
    • Understand plant systems as a whole and the interdependencies of equipment and operator input on function and performance.
    • Respond to abnormal and emergency operating situations in a safe and reasonable manner.
    • Perform routine housekeeping duties and general clean-up of the facility and immediate surrounding area.
    • Perform maintenance on all facility equipment including predictive, preventative, corrective, and emergency maintenance. These activities include lubrication, filter replacement, tube brushing, equipment cleaning, painting, equipment tear down, inspection and re-build, etc.
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