• Health Program Instructor - St. Clair, MI

    Posted: 10/08/2020

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    Position Summary
    Provides leadership and oversight of local programs, clients and participants, related to MSU Extension (MSUE) Health work team and as part of the Health & Nutrition Institute (HNI); the position includes delivering social-emotional and community behavioral health education in the county; oversees and ensures program/project promotion and expansion activities; assists with data gathering for impact evaluation efforts; and works in conjunction with supervisor, program participants and community partners to attain both short-term and long-term goals and objectives. Through supervisor, works in concert with the MSUE Health & Nutrition Institute and the MSUE Health work team to ensure alignment of programs with overall goals of work team, Institute and Organization.

    Community-based and online programs this position may implement in the local community include Stress Less with Mindfulness, RELAX: Alternatives to Anger, Mindful Educators, and other one-time presentations available from MSU Extension that are research- and evidence-based. The person in this position will receive training to implement and evaluate the programs.


    • Plan, organize and implement programs that are relevant to program area and meet the needs of local residents, including recruiting of program clients/participants.
    • Collaborate with the MSU Extension Health work team and Health & Nutrition Institute.
    • Provide expertise and information to clientele related to program area.
    • Provide information and opportunities for learning through the use of technology, mass media, group meetings, workshops and individual contacts.
    • Operate somewhat independently, with minimal supervision, ensuring that program delivery follows prescribed guidelines and meets the goals for reaching specific audiences AND more.

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