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    Posted: 05/11/2023

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    Job Description

    Compliance Specialist, Vice President
    This position is responsible for governance, review and credible challenge of First-Line and Second-Line Compliance-related governance documents (policies, procedures, program documents, etc.) and for providing tactical Compliance Risk Management guidance for current and ongoing Enterprise-wide process enhancement initiatives. This role conducts processes to ensure First-Line and Second-Line Compliance-related governance documents are developed, maintained, revised and approved in accordance with roles and responsibilities outlined in Enterprise Compliance Risk Management Policy and Comerica's overall guidelines as well as providing credible challenge to identify, review, assess and mitigate regulatory compliance risk associated with process enhancement initiatives. This role will communicate with First-Line and Second-Line stakeholders as necessary to complete document governance processes and process enhancement activities to support the Compliance Management System and Enterprise Risk program activities related to the Compliance Risk Pillar.

    Position Responsibilities:

    • Identify, assess, monitor and credibly challenge the business unit's documented control environment. Provide compliance and control-related guidance and support for ongoing Enterprise-wide process design and enhancement initiatives to identify, assess, and mitigate compliance risk. Engage FLOD departments in the mapping of compliance risks to identified processes. Provide support and credible challenge related to the assessment of compliance risk inherent in current state and future state processes.
    • Develop, maintain and track an active inventory of CMS-related policies and procedures across all applicable First-Line and Second-Line Departments. Provide subject matter expertise on the development, socialization, approval, implementation, training and ongoing maintenance of compliance-related policy and procedures. Maintain associated tools and templates to support document owners in the development and ongoing maintenance of compliance-related policies and procedures.
    • Ensure the completion of all requirements under the Corporate Compliance Document Governance Procedures. This includes conducting reviews of First-Line and Second-Line Compliance-related Governance Documents, managing the Compliance-related Document Governance Review Lifecycle and coordinating with vested stakeholders (FLOD and SLOD) to ensure timely completion. Leverage Document Review Checklist to ensure review and credible challenge of FLOD and SLOD policies and procedures are accurately documented.
    • Provide support to First-Line and Second-Line representatives on the Compliance Management System (CMS) program activities including the launch of new or updated Compliance-related procedures.
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