• UX Designer - Allen Park, MI

    Posted: 10/09/2020



    This position is part of our Advanced Safety and User Experience segment (AS&UX) and our Connected Services (ACS) business unit.

    The User Experience Designer will create engaging and powerful enterprise application interfaces for Aptiv Connected Services’ suite of automotive quality, fleet management and business intelligence tools. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience designing interactions for web applications. The successful candidate will design efficient and elegant UX to help users accomplish complex engineering workflows. This role requires excellent verbal and written communication skills and working extensively with cross-functional teams in an innovative development environment.

    An Aptiv UX Designer:

    • Is eager to understand and empathize user’s complex workflows, goals, environments, and touchpoints
    • Helps shape product innovation by bringing a design-centric perspective to product design collaboration, planning, and prioritization with product managers, software engineers, and stakeholders
    • Leads and inspires user-centric strategies and methodologies to cross-functional teams
    • Advocates for design thinking process and designing for behavior change
    • Helps to improve product design systems to craft Aptiv’s own design practices
    • Does what it takes to understand the root cause, no matter how technical (hardware or software)
    • Aligns design strategy of user, business, and market outcomes  
    Job Responsibilities:
    • Solve user problems in complex, enterprise-grade engineering systems
    • Define platform/ecosystem experience architecture (information architecture, journey mapping, etc.)
    • Find balance between designing for scale and the future versus current technology and other constraints AND more...

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