Ken Masumoto

Mr. Ken (Katsuyoshi) Masumoto
Cultural and Business Consultant, KM Resources, LLC

Ken Masumoto is currently a Cultural and Business consultant of KM Resources, LLC based in Battle Creek, Michigan after having served over twelve years as a manager of the Japanese Business Development, International Business Unit of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), a quasi- government public corporation for the State of Michigan for economic development.

In this capacity, Ken Masumoto was responsible as a director for Japan accounts to retain and maintain those Japanese companies that have significant presence in Michigan as well as attraction of new investment from Japan, with special focus on automotive related industry and emerging industries such as life science/biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and alternative energy.

  • Started business career at KBK, an international trading firm in Tokyo in 1964, in Planning Dept. and Importation /Exportation Dept. of Automatic Thermal Boiler Control Equipment for electric utility industry in Japan as well as sales and marketing of electronics and semi conductor machinery/devices.
  • Seconded to KBK NY office from 1967 through 1969, engaging in an office management including financing/accounting and sales/purchasing/order control in the area of Automatic Boiler Control systems for Thermal Power Plants from Bailey Meter Co., Cleveland Ohio to various Electric Power plants throughout Japan and overseas including land and shipboard applications.
  • Engaged in marketing/sales and import/export business of electronics devices to Japanese and European clients and agencies in 1969 through 1986, representing Export Division of Stanley Electric Co., in Tokyo. ken Masumoto extensively traveled Western Europe to promote sales of the electronics products of Stanley and set up seven European sales agents for promotion of Stanley products particularly focused on electronics products such as LED, CFL and LCD for automotive OEMs and display industry in Europe.
  • Assigned to operate a KBK-Stanley Liaison Office as a general manager in 1985 and launched a manufacturing operation of I I Stanley Co., a joint venture between KBK and Stanley Electric Co. in Battle Creek, MI in 1987 in The Fort Custer Industrial Park. Served as general manager and Vice President from 1986 through 1997.
  • Assumed a position of president of WST, a physical and industrial security with electronics technology and Effective Micro-organism technology for environmental soil improvement in Michigan in 1997-99. Managed and supervised financing and sales/marketing of various electronics for industrial and physical security, as an authorized bidder for the United Nations, NY Police Department as well as US Customs and US Border Patrol where state of art night vision color cameras were delivered.
  • Contracted with MEDC in 1999 up to 2012 as a director for Japanese accounts with special assignment for business attraction from Japan to Michigan.
  • Advisor to the Japanese Saturday School in Battle Creek since 1986 and Full Board member of Battle Creek Unlimited since 1986 up to present.
  • Executive Board Member and founding member of Japan American Society of West Michigan since 1998-2011.
  • Board member of Japan Business Society of Detroit from 2009 up to now.
  • Board of Trustees of Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra in 1994, 1999, 2003 and 2004-7.
  • Director in Public Sector, assigned by the Governor of the State of Michigan for the Midwest US-Japan Association in 1999 up to 2005 and Assistant Director since 2005 up to 2012.
  • Owner of KM Resources LLC in 2012 to present, a Business consulting firm for cultural and business development dealing with Japanese market
  • Member of Rotary Club Battle Creek Michigan since 2014.

Qualification and Special Recognitions:

  • Overall 47 years of international and domestic business experience and supervision of financing, office management, sales and marketing operations in electronics/semiconductor and automotive industries as well as industrial security field, including: 21 years of business engagement in Japan, NY and Europe and 12 years of business management and sales/marketing at a manufacturing plant as VP in Michigan and 2 years of involvement in security business plus 12 years of service for MEDC for business attraction and retention as Business Development Manager for Japan

  • 27 yeas of involvement in the community development and public service for the city of Battle Creek as a BCU full board member at Battle Creek, MI
  • 2 years as a owner of a Cultural and Business consultant business

Awards, Recognitions and Certification:

  • Consulate General's Special Award by Consul General Matsuda of Japan in Detroit
  • Special recognitions by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Jennifer Granholm
  • Special award and recognitions by II Stanley, Shiga Governor Kada, City of Battle Creek /BCU and Consumer Energy Company

  • Graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo
  • Teaching certificate from Sophia University, Tokyo
  • Dale Carnegie Course, Tokyo
  • Bi-lingual in English and Japanese - Black belt in Judo